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How We Can Help

If you have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution or a Summons through the post for one of the offences listed below, give Old Bailey Solicitors a call and make an appointment to see a specialist defence solicitor. 

•    Speeding
•    Driving whilst using a mobile phone
•    Driving through a red light / failing to abide by traffic signs
•    Driving without due care and attention (Careless driving)
•    Dangerous driving
•    Failing to stop or report an accident
•    Drink driving / driving with excess alcohol
•    Failing to provide a specimen for analysis
•    Driving without a valid insurance policy
•    Driving without a valid licence
•    Driving whilst disqualified

You may have a defence to the offence being alleged.  These issues are often more complex than they first appear and the prosecution have various hurdles to cross before you can be convicted.  You may know some of these hurdles (whether the speed gun has been properly calibrated) but you may not know them all (whether the prosecution can prove that the road was “restricted”).  The defence team at Old Bailey Solicitors know these points and will advise you accordingly. 

Sometimes it is simply not possible to defend the allegation and a guilty plea is inevitable.  In these circumstances, sensible and focused presentation to the court can often make the difference between keeping your licence and losing it.  We will advise you how to deal with the court hearing or one of our specialist advocates will represent you if you prefer.  Either way, the goal is to minimise the cost or avoid it altogether. 

If you have an enquiry regarding a motoring offence, please email us at info@oblaw.co.uk