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Speeding Offences

One of the most regularly committed offences but also one of the most technical areas of law. 

If you have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) there are rules governing your response.  Failure to comply with these rules can leave you liable to a more severe penalty than the original offence. 

Old Bailey Solicitors’s specialist defence team has experience of dealing with a wide range of technical and factual disputes, such as:

•    It wasn’t me driving at the time
•    I don’t know who was driving at the time
•    I was driving but I wasn’t on that road
•    I was driving but not at that speed
•    There were no signs informing me of the speed limit
•    I didn’t know that road had a 30mph limit
•    I didn’t receive the NIP within 14 days
•    I was driving in an emergency
… and many others.

If you have received a NIP or a summons and want to know where you stand, email us at info@oblaw.co.uk